Annual Treasurer Report


Welcome to my annual financial report. All figures relate to 01/01/17 until 31/12/17. If you have any
questions please feel free to contact me, and I’ll try and answer your query.

Interest on our savings account amounted to £6.41. This was even worse than last year as the rate dropped
dramatically. I hope it improves next year.

Overall,coach trips,for the firs ttime,made a loss of £20.The successful one in May 2016,unfortunately,
had to be changed back to September and then cancelled completely. I can only guess that we’re all too
busy holidaying in September! Also, the Christmas Shopping Trip, surprisingly, made a loss.

This year we decided to abandon the Public Liability insurance and lately, committee meetings have been
held at Cubley Hall. Our expenses include hiring the community centre, Grass Routes, expenses to
partially fund expenses walks leaders incur for Weekend Away (£50 per walk) and Coach trips (£20 per
trip). Our total outlay on expenses was £487.18

Membership subscriptions raised £780.However, this does not reflect the number of members as 24 paid for 2017 in 2016 and 12 paid in 2017 for 2018! Overall, we have 74 paid up members.

In February,the Beetle Drive at Stocksbridge was cancelled as the pub had stopped serving food prior to closing completely and was held instead, in November, at Shaw Lane in Barnsley. Despite this, it was well attended and our overall loss was only £19.20.

Our run of bad luck continued with the Pie and Pea Supper evenings as each place we chose,turned out to be a problem! Both the Green Dragon at Thurgoland, and the Travellers at Oxspring had changed landlords and couldn’t honour our bookings. I suppose that made the hat trick! Luckily, again, we managed to find last minute replacements as the George at Upper Denby, and the Castle at Bolsterstone. It was a traumatic time but overall, we made a profit of £21.70.

This year, as a change from Cubley Hall, we sampled the Christmas Lunch at the White Heart in Penistone. Fifty-six members enjoyed the occasion and appreciated being served at the table rather than queueing up a carvery. The committee had decided, rather than pass on the increased costs, to subsidise the meal. Overall, we used £238.20 of our reserves.

Over the years, there has been very little activity so it was decided to close the Royd Moor account and the balance of £2.70 was transferred to our current account.

We had a fabulous Weekend Away 2017 at Bridlington.However,after Marilyn had worked out the final cost per person, several members had to cancel their bookings. We managed to cancel some rooms at the hotel, but, unfortunately, the coach remains at a fixed price despite empty seats. Overall, we incurred a loss of £24.91which was remarkable considering the circumstances.

Plans are in hand for this year’s Weekend Away 2018 in Darlington, and deposits received amount to £1500. Let’s hope there will be no last-minute cancellations this year.

In our savings accounts, we have £3509.61 in the General Account and £1000 in the Ron Baker Account. I won’t mention the cash in hand and current account figures as they fluctuate so much with money going in and out regularly. They do not reflect the true state of our accounts.

Looking at our actual reserves, we have £1500 in the bank towards the Weekend Away in Darlington scheduled for April 2018, £550 towards 2018 Membership fees and £102 paid on a deposit and prizes for the bingo quiz in February 2018. With everything taken into account, we have assets of £6133.13 which is £29.38 less than last year. We hope you agree that we have spent your money wisely.

Malcolm has audited the accounts and I thank him for competently, and willingly, fulfilling this vital task.

I have attached a copy of the figures for your perusal and I hope you enjoy studying them. Any problems or queries can be raised at the AGM.