Annual Treasurer Report


Last year, for the first time, I included the Treasurer’s Report in Grass Routes and, as all the feedback I received was positive, this will be a regular feature. Everyone has a personal copy to peruse and any questions can be raised at the AGM in April. Remember all the figures relate to 2016.

1.   Interest on our savings account amounted to £11.26. Not a great return on over £4000 but better than nothing.

2.   Coach trips overall made a profit of £60. Last year wereplaced the September coach trip with one in May and this one turned out to be the most popular.

3.   Our expensesinclude hiring the community centre, Grass Routes, insurance and expenses to partially fund expenses for walks leaders at the Weekend Away (£50 per walk) and Coach trips (£20 per trip). Our total outlay on expenses was £621.59.

4.   Membership subscriptions raised £940. However, this does not reflect the number of members as 30 paid for 2016 in 2015 and 50 paid in 2016 for 2017! Overall we have 74 paid up members.

5.   Our social activities continue to be well attended and our overall outlay was £131.80.  In November, our scheduled quiz at the Fountain had to be re-arranged at the last minute, so the committee decided to absorb the extra costs at the Waggon & Horses at Oxspring.

6.   The Royd Moor account maintains a balance of £2.70.

7.   The enjoyable Weekend Away 2016 at the Shap Wells Hotel overall made a profit of £128.80 despite the figures on the balance sheet showing a loss. Marilyn has to start the process twelve months before the actual event and the figures shown are only the 2016 transactions!

8.    Plans are in hand for this year’s Weekend Away 2017 in Bridlington, and deposits received amount to £1040. We have confirmed the
booking with the hotel and sent £520 as well as the initial £100 sent in 2015.

9.   In our savings accounts, we have £3503.20 in the General Account and £1000 in the Ron Baker Account. The current account fluctuates with money going in and out regularly.

10.Looking at our actual reserves, we have £420 in the bank towards this year’s Weekend Away in Bridlington, £500 towards 2017 Membership fees and £6 paid on prizes for this year’s Beetle Drive. With everything taken into account, we have assets of £6162.51 which is £169.69 more than last year.

11.Malcolm has audited the accounts and I thank him for competently, and willingly, fulfilling this vital task.

12.I have attached a copy of the figures for your perusal and I hope you enjoy studying them. Any problems or queries can be raised at the AGM.